Welcome to our training session on Social Protection for Children. This training program is designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills necessary to understand and implement social protection measures that safeguard the well-being of children. We will explore models and and programs aimed at reducing poverty, ensuring access to essential services, and promoting the rights and development of children. Through interactive sessions and practical examples, you will gain insights into best practices and effective strategies in the field. Together, we can work towards creating a safer and more supportive environment for every child.

Benefits of the course

  • Objectives:
  • 1. Understand Key Concepts and Frameworks: To provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of the fundamental concepts, principles, and frameworks of social protection specifically tailored for children's needs.
  • 2. Identify and Analyze Policies and Programs: To equip participants with the skills to identify, analyze, and evaluate various social protection policies and programs that effectively address poverty, vulnerability, and the rights of children.
  • 3. Develop Implementation Strategies: To enable participants to design and implement effective social protection interventions and strategies that ensure access to essential services, such as healthcare, education, and nutrition for children.
  • 4. Enhance Monitoring and Evaluation Skills: To strengthen participants' abilities in monitoring and evaluating social protection initiatives, ensuring they achieve desired outcomes and continuously improve to better serve children’s needs.

Topics for this course

18 Lessons 12 hours

Introduction to Social Protection

Definition and concepts07:00
Principles of social protection07:00
Rationale for social protection04:20
Key components and strategies of social protection systems
Rights based instruments that promote social protection

Social Protection for Children

Social Protection Programme Framework

Monitoring and Evaluation of social protection for children

Building Partnerships and Collaboration

Overcoming Challenges in Social Protection

Target Audience

  • The course is designed for staff who are new or working on child sensitive social protection and can benefit from having a basic understanding of the concept.

Materials included

  • 5 articles
  • 10 downloadable resources
  • Certificate of Completion

Your Instructor

Mohammed Zafor Ullah Nizam

Development Practitioner

Mohammed Zafor Ullah Nizam has over 22 years of professional experience in the development and public and humanitarian response sectors, with a particular focus on protection, community engagement in primary health care and early childhood development, HIV/AIDS and drug abuse prevention, franchise primary health service programs, monitoring and evaluation, and advocacy.

He has solid experience skill in Project cycle management, Program strategy development, Emergency Responses.    General Protection; Protection Monitoring and Community-based protection; Capacity building, Community engagement; Social networking, Budget Management, Program Quality benchmark; Data Analysis Team Management, Partnership management, Advocacy, Research and tools development, Donor reports and Behavioral Change Communication (BCC)/ Information, Education and Communication (IEC) materials.

Student Feedback


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Very good course, great structure, really easy to follow. Have gone back and forth many times to check on some issues arising on my site. Also very handy to see what kind of plugins are available to serve different purposes.

Excellent feel good fit for my I study and install accounting software. However wow a lot of stuff covered here. For me great. For a lot of others beginners may be a little over whelming. Again for me extremely helpful. I study software in chunks.


  • Duration 12 hours
  • Lessons18
  • Skill levelAll Levels
  • CategorySocial Protection

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