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Teaching and Learning

To improve the quality of education, focuses on pre-service and in-service teacher training are essential. Teacher training is to learn how to conduct teaching on the basis of fixed objectives, following appropriate techniques. By training a teacher can successfully run his / her teaching learning according to curriculum and syllabus. At the same time one can gain experience how to evaluate a lesson. Training also provides leadership quality and personality, which are necessary for professional improvement.

Head masters and school management committee members benefit from professional development training e.g. Scholl Administration and Management.

Network with colleagues, share ideas, meet and engage with experienced persons and, and discover new things, approaches and strategies that will inspire you.

Considering the above context, we now providing following 3 training:

  1. Basic Teaching Methodology
  2. Develop and Use Teaching Aids
  3. School Administration and Management.

If you wish to take those training, please register. We will communicate with you.