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Market and Social Research

All businesses need information to guide decision making. Managers desperately trying to understand increasingly complex and global markets, need more useable information than ever before. Because of this, the research sector plays a valuable role in the commercial, social and political world today. The role of market research is helping business decisions through the systematic and objective collection of data and analytical report.

Figure out how to utilize market research to decide your organization’s aggressive position and upgrade its execution. By taking care of business, you can spare time and assets and start to receive the rewards of your exploration immediately. From this training, you’ll find an expansive scope of statistical surveying instruments including tools-including questionnaire design, focus groups, observational research, testing/sampling results, statistical analysis that will give you the insights you need to identify opportunities and threats in your industry…formulate short- and long-term strategies…design new products and services.

We are now offering four training:
  1. Introduction to Research
  2. Introduction to SPSS
  3. Market Research
  4. Social Research