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Export & Import Business

Considering the thriving opportunities and booming demand for Export and Import sector, we provide the continual practical training of Import and Export Business so as to give the participants an insight of International Trade. Statistics show that many entrepreneurs are looking forward to expand their business at International level pertaining the higher profit margins. And many fresher or graduates are there seeking to enter in Import – Export sector. Hence, we are offering the Program in Import and Export Management which encompasses the overall International Business fundamentals.

Objectives: Participants will know
  1. Details of Import Export policy, rules and regulations.
  2. Investors will be able to select the potential import export business sectors / items according to new policy.
  3. Importers and Exporters will be benefited after acquiring the practical knowledge and personal observation.
Presently we are offering the following training Courses:
  1. Intending Export and Import Business
  2. E&I Business Policy, Strategy, Laws and Guidelines
  3. Marketing, Costing & Documentation Procedure
  4. C & F Agent Business & Its Functional Activities
  5. International Tender Business & Agency Agreement with Foreign Suppliers
  6. Export Import, Indenting, C&F Agent, Tender & Buying House Business Functional Activities
  7. Commercial & Marketing Guideline for Export Import Business