20 Oct 2017

Project Management

OBJECTIVES: The objectives of one-day training on Project Management are:- To capacitate the managers or leaders to manage project effectively and efficiently as required standard Achieve project objective, quality, as well as project impact positively. What Participant will learn: Participants will learn about project management, an approach that goes beyond the nuts and bolts of traditional project management. The one-day

26 Apr 2017

Portfolios, Programs, and Projects – Relationship Clarification

A project is a temporary endeavor undertaken to create a unique product, service, or result. The temporary nature of projects indicates that a project has a definite beginning and end. The end is reached when the project’s objectives have been achieved or when the project is terminated because its objectives will not or cannot be met, or when the need

29 Apr 2017

10 Best Interview Tips !

Going to be looking for a new job in the new year? Update your resume and brush up on your interviewing skills with these 10 tips: Have good manners. Be nice to everyone you meet during the hiring process, including the administrative assistants who schedule the interviews and bring you into the office. Even if the hiring process doesn't formally

03 May 2017

Five Tips for Choosing the Right Pre-Employment Tests

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Pre-employment tests are preferred by most companies to ensure there is an optimal fit between the candidate and his or her job role. Scientifically-backed and reliable tests will help you make good hiring decisions and reinforce your faith in good candidates. Sometimes candidates are suspicious of pre-employment tests and view them as discriminatory. It is up to the employer to